School bags, shoes, books and other school supplies given out to children who have suffered from the 30 year civil war and children from slum areas. H.E.R.O. Generation is responding to the call and taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the children. 

Thousands like this child are puzzled with life and have no hope but we can make a difference today and equip the future of        Sri Lanka. 

We get schoolbags with books !!!


Oasis Communities International creates opportunities for at-risk children and youth to be heroes in their generation.

Since 2001, Oasis Communities has been sponsoring projects in Sri Lanka.

All funds to sponsor projects go directly to Sri Lanka. Based in the Colombo area, the ministry reaches out throughout the nation including the Eastern and South Coasts. Strategic alliances have been develop to ensure accountability.

Oasis Communities International is located in the U.S. Tax deductible receipts are given for all donations. Your tax deductible receipt will be sent to you within 30 days.

Oasis Communities International
P.O. Box 740663 Dallas, Texas 75374 USA
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In a country that is rich in beauty, heritage, culture and hospitality, it is sad to say that the most valuable treasure, its children are the most affected by tragedy.

Save Lanka Communities (SLC) is a NGO based in Sri Lanka and was established in 2001. Registered under the Department of Child care and Probation and Ministry of Defense as a voluntary social service organization. 

​What We Do !!!


Save Lanka Communities

Together, we can make a difference

We have published and given out over 2500 New Testament Picture Bibles to date and giving the opportunity for many children all across Sri Lanka who would otherwise never be able to receive a Children’s bible. Please continue to support us with this great need. You can make a difference today.
Jesus said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these." Matthew 19:14
David C. Cook Publishing Co. has granted the rights to publish this quality children's book in Sri Lanka. Books are translated in Sinhala & Tamil. Distributed nationwide including war zone and tsunami areas.
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People HelpingPeople


History Maker Generation has been working with teens and youth from many schools and churches, uniting and empowering them in Sri Lanka and in sixteen other nations around the world. It has been our great privilege to have been able to reach over ten thousand young people during the past 20 years, through youth training programs, conferences and camps in Sri Lanka and other nations in Asia.


You can sponsor a Children's New Testament Picture books for only $2.50 each.
There are five million children in Sri Lanka. Thousands were and continue to be orphaned because of Civil War, natural disasters (including the Tsunami tragedy) and family disputes.  More than 1,000 children were used as soldiers in the Civil War.  There are 2,000 street-living and street-working children in Colombo city, with 5,000 children at risk, and 2,500 outside Colombo with 5,000 at risk.  There are 40,000 child prostitutes, and more than half are boys.  There are more than 1.1 million children under 5 in Sri Lanka. 392,000 (35%) children are undernourished, meaning that they do not eat enough food on a daily basis.  There are more than 250,000 unschooled children in Sri Lanka.
Who has a heart for them? - Who will hear their cries?

- Shepherd's Heart Children's Home
- Hope Center (Center for counselling and vocational training)
- Safe Water Projects
​- Natural Disaster Community Projects
​- Community Empowering Projects